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Aventure Ebike
Leslie Delong

My wife and I love them!

Pace 500 ebike
Robert Watkins

Awesome Bike.

Love love the basket! Sturdy , looks great on the bike- thanks

Pace 500 Step-through ebike
Gail and David Mears
Great bikes!

We love the bikes. They are well made and very comfortable to ride. Aventon’s customer service is exceptional. The came quickly, week packaged, and easy to assemble. We are thrilled with this purchase!

Loving my new bike

I live at the top of a hill a d just didn’t want to bike because I was always afraid that after a long ride I wouldn’t make it home.
With my Pace 500, I go on 30-40 mil rides and get home no problem.
There isn’t anything g I don’t love about this bike. Only have 400 miles on it, but so far 5 stars.

I love my Aventon!

Aventon! New e-bike was a total surprise.
I never knew how much more fun we can have now on our bike trips.
We can have a full day of biking with the assist. So much more we can explore!
Light weight to peddle! Sleek battery design. Just perfect for my failing knees.
I am very happy with my Aventon Pace 500 ebike!

Great commuter bike

I live 3 miles from work. I used to work nights and my primary excuse for not riding my bike was I didn't want to ride home between midnight and 4am in the cold, and because I hike for work I didn't want to work that hard at the end of the day. Now I'm working days and the excuse was the hills, how would I carry all my stuff for work, and the fact that I'm chronically late and riding would make me even more late. With the Level Commuter none of those excuses hold up. I'm now immune to hills and the wind, and with the large cargo basket on the included rack I can almost always carry what I need back and forth without worrying it'll fall off. It takes me 7 minutes to drive to work and with pedal assist 4 I can make it in 8. No more excuses. The bike will pay for itself in about 2 years just in gas savings. And I'm getting exercise and creating less emissions.

E Bike is a Blast!

The Aventon Pace 500 is easy to ride with a step through frame. My wife is now able to bike much longer distances and is unafraid of hills or wind. The Pace 500 has great acceleration and puts hills in the rear view mirror. Only problem so far is the height adjustment for the seat needs to provide a better hold….the seat drops down with riding time. We had the bike assembled by a local bike shop which worked out great...

Great bag

Great for commuter. Very easy to put on bike rack and remove

Pace 500 ebike

Love the pace 500 bike. Our first venture into electric bikes we bought a couple of them online that were made in China. They worked fine for the first three years then had electrical problems. Once the electrical problem starts no one can fix them. We started to research many different bikes and from recommendations from bike shops, even ones who sold more expensive e-bikes, the consensus was that the pace500 was the best value for the dollar. Last weekend we had some friends visiting and they were riding the two older e-bikes and my husband were riding our pace 500. On the way back, we switched bikes and let them ride the pace versus the older electric bikes and they said wow there's not even a comparison

Aventure Ebike
The Green Beast

I am not sure where to begin. The bike itself is awesome and a great buy for the money. If you are a Vet or First Responder there is a pretty good discount through a 3rd part verification called GovX (There is a link on the Aventon Page). Everything that Aventon claims on the page about the Aventure is not mis-leading. The Aventure specs are true to claim, I am still figuring out range, mileage, and settings; but everything in due time. The unboxing video that is on the Aventon Aventure site is very helpful in how to put the bike together. I do think that Aventon can provide some additional support for this bike and their other products as well. It would be great to have a video series on how to maintain and care for the bike, especially preventative maintenance, etc. Additionally, changing a flat tire is easy on the front, but how do you change a flat on an e-bike with an electric hub motor? These are the type of videos that world be helpful. Hopefully in the future Aventon will create this videos or provide links to already established videos on the web.

Aventon Battery Charger
Kevin Hallinan

Aventon Battery Charger

Absolutely love my Pace 500!

Originally purchased a Level. Great bike but heavy. Sold it and purchased Pace 500, perfect bike! Highly recommend!!!

Pace 500 Step-through

Absolutely love my new bike! Everyone should own one!

Level Commuter Ebike
Russell D Price
Many mile/just keeps going

We,wife,and just passed 100000 miles. Been from CA. To NY 8 times.. no worries or problems. Ares was alot more than today's prices and less reliable. We spent 200.00 on each bike over the past two years...only because tires wore out and had a small problem with the chain...we hope to write again at 1000000 miles and let you know. Would never buy another...WHY...These are a life time addiction to our family. Buy once and never need to buy again.

Please don't post on website

Only ridden it once. Then, without the battery. I've had it a week now.

Miles of fun!!

I purchased the Pace 350 for my wife as a Mother's Day gift. After years without a bike, it was a joy to be able to ride with her and experience her utter glee of riding a well-made e-bike. It was super easy to assemble, is really comfortable, rides like a dream, and the motor and battery provide just the right level of power assistance at the right time for an awesome ride. The bike is constructed with materials and components usually reserved for much more expensive models. We love the Pace 350!

Awesome Bike

Cannot find anything that I didn't like about it. Put together very well. Very nice bike

Level Commuter Ebike
Steven Thronebery
Great ebikes - VERY happy in the hills of Austin!

We recently bought two Levels - amazing right out of the box! Easy to assemble and the battery charges quickly. Well made and very nice looking! Great power especially up steep hills. My wife and I started riding every morning and in just a week we even lost a few pounds.

Thanks, Aventon - we really love our ebikes!

Perfect Just Heavy

Everything about the bike was what I was expecting and it works perfectly.

Level Commuter Ebike
Raul Maldonado
Cost effective and reliable alternative to commuting by car

When I was first looking to transition from my car to an e-bike, ebikes would run $3k+! I wanted a bike that was affordable & reliable. Moreover, a bike I can help advocate e-bikes to all communities (e.g. low income, elderly etc).

This bike does the trick! Really appreciative of the delivery time and support this company has, as well.

Love this ebike!

I've had so much fun pulling the grandkids in the bike trailer behind my Aventon Level ebike! It's a game changer for me to be able to get up hills while pulling the trailer. My grandkids love our bikerides!! This bike has been everything I hoped it to be. I love the look of it too!! Battery life holds up extremely well. I've gone 35 miles on it and the battery life still shows I have 80% left on the battery life.

Aventure Ebike
Charles Willingham
One of the best looking ebike out

The bike is well made very well thought out looks great I will have more to say about the bike when I can ride it It was shipped with some missing and broke parts and I still waiting for my replacement parts

Bright Tail Light!

Tail light works great, it's bright and fits nicely under the seat on the seat post of the Level.

Loving it

Was easy to assemble and a pleasure to ride now with my wife