At Aventon we produce ebikes that deliver incredible value - but you don't have to compromise on features or specifications to get a great price. Let's take a look at how Aventon ebikes stack up against Rad Power, one of our most often asked about competitors:


Rad Power

Hidden, internal controller

Aventon ebikes hide the controller (the "brain" of your ebike) inside the frame tubes, where it is protected from damage. Fewer cables to snag and a cleaner look. 

Available Class III ebikes

Class III models (Pace 500, Level) on pedal assist, ideal for keeping up with traffic. Rad Power models top out at Class II . 

3 AMP Fast Charger

Get back in the game faster with a 3 AMP Fast Charger standard on every model. 

Integrated Battery

Integrated batteries offer a cleaner, streamlined look and make it less obvious that you're riding an ebike.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Higher speeds demand more powerful, reliable brakes. Class III Aventon ebikes include upgraded hydraulic disc brakes. 

Multiple Frame Sizes

Aventon Level, Pace 500, and Pace 350 models come in multiple frame size options to suit riders of different heights - not "one size fits most". Including low step through bike.


Aventon Level vs. Rad Power Rad City

Aventon's Level and the Rad City from Rad Power are both urban-focused commuter ebikes, designed for replacing a car trip to work or school. Both ship with convenience features like fenders and a rear rack. The Level sells for $1699 vs. $1599 for the Rad City, a difference of $100. What do you get for your $100? 1. Significantly faster speeds, Level is a Class III ebike on pedal assist, vs. Class II on the Rad City. 2. Integrated battery and controller, these are hidden in the frame tubes instead of hanging off the outside of the frame. This provides a cleaner look, fewer cables to snag, and it's less obvious you're riding an ebike. 3. Upgraded thru-axle front hub and suspension fork for additional stiffness and control, 4. powerful hydraulic disc brakes (vs. mechanical on the Rad City) 5. 8 speed Shimano drivetrain on the Level vs. 7 speed on the Rad City.

When you're done riding, you'll also recharge faster, because Level includes our upgraded 3 Amp fast charger instead of the 2 Amp charger included with Rad City. 

Level is the best commuter ebike!

Aventon Sinch vs. Rad Power Rad Mini

Aventon's Sinch sells for $1,599 and Rad Power Rad Mini sells for $1,499, and both are folding ebikes with fat tires and suspension forks. How do the features stack up? Sinch uses a significantly more robust hinge and locking mechanism on the folding frame. The Sinch battery and controller are also completely hidden inside the frame for a clean look. Sinch uses 4" wide tires for additional comfort and grip vs. the 3.3" tires on the Rad Mini.

The two bikes have the same battery capacity and motor wattage, and both models have Class II pedal assist plus throttle. Sinch has a thin, very readable display, like your cell phone. Sinch also includes our upgraded 3 Amp fast charger, for faster charging compared with the Rad Mini 2 Amp charger. Sinch is definitely the best foldable electric bike!

Aventon Pace 500 vs. Rad Power Rad City

Purchase an Aventon Pace 500 instead of a Rad City and enjoy these benefits: $100 savings, significantly faster speeds, integrated battery, and hidden controller. You'll also enjoy powerful hydraulic disc brakes for superior stopping power from ebike speeds. Pace 500 includes a 3 Amp faster charger vs. the 2 Amp charger included with Rad Power bikes, so you'll be done charging even faster. Pace 500 also uses a higher-end Shimano 8 speed drivetrain vs. the 7 speed drivetrain on the Rad City. 

Aventon Pace 350 vs. Rad Power Rad City

The Pace 350 is really in a class of its own at just $1,199, you'll save $400 compared with the Rad City. For $400 less you get the same Class II pedal assist and throttle capabilities, and similar mechanical disc brakes. While Pace 350 doesn't include racks or fenders, with $400 left over in your wallet you can easily add any desired accessories and still come out ahead. 

Aventon Aventure vs. Rad Power RadRover

Both ebikes are fat tire ebikes however the Aventure gives you more in just about every category for your money. Everything is fully integrated in the Aventure - controller, battery and lights are housed within the bike frame protecting to vital components plus it just looks much cleaner.

The Aventure has hydraulic brakes instead of the mechanical brakes found on the RadRover along with a higher capacity battery, 8 gears vs 7 gears, a top adjustable speed of up to 28MPH vs 25MPH, a color display with intuitive navigation that can be synced to the Aventon phone app and much more. To see a full side by side comparison of components, specs and performance, visit our comparison article



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* The information on this page was gathered on, and was accurate as of April 14, 2021.