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Replacement seatpost clamp for the 2018 Aventon Mataro.  This is the clamp that holds the aero seatpost in the frame; it is not the clamp that holds the saddle to the seatpost. Does not fit any other make/model. Does not fit previous versions of the Mataro which use a 27.2mm round...
Replacement seatpost for the Aventon Pace ebikes.  Choose 31.6mm diameter for Men's / Traditional bike or 30.4mm diameter for Step-Through / Women's bike
Seatpost shims can be used to adapt smaller-diameter seatposts to larger diameter frames. One application for this shim is to put a 27.2mm seatpost on an Aventon ebike.  for the Aventon Pace Traditional "step-over" ebike, a  27.2mm to 31.6mm shim is needed.  for the Aventon Pace step-through "low-step" ebike, a...
Replacement Seatpost Clamp for our previous-gen Aventon Mataro/Mataro Low now available for those riders putting down crazy amounts of miles. Fit notes:  This item is only for previous-generation Aventon Mataro and Mataro Low frames/bikes which use a 27.2mm round seatpost Does not fit the current generation Mataro (which includes an...
With an adjustable pre-load design, the suspension seatpost will increase your comfort on your rides.  Coil spring provides plush suspension micro adjust seat clamp Outer Diameter: 27.2mm Length: 350mm Setback: 20mm
Ride with even more comfort by switching out your fixed seat post with the Zoom offset suspension seatpost. SILVER 20MM: Offset (mm): 20 Length 350 Diameter: 27.2 BLACK 12MM: Length 355 Diameter 27.2

1 year warranty