Grips and Bar Tape

More grip for your riding pleasure.
Add a splash of color and style to your ride with this set of rubber grips. They feature a comfortable ergonomic shape. Comes in a pair Order qty "1" = enough grips for one bike, you will receive 1 set of 2 grips
$8.99 $19.99
These track grips have a soft rubber feel and give you a balance between comfort and control. Thin, long, and are great for track drops or bullhorn bars. We softened the rubber though to make these bicycle grips very supple and comfortable.  SPECIFICATIONS 2 x Black Rubber Track Grips Length:...
Incredible durability and performance from Fizik. Microtex is the thinnest option in their bar tape line, for sharp handling and control.Classic Touch is a perforated leather-like texture with a traditional look.  Enough tape to wrap one drop handlebar 2mm thick Lots of colors to customize your ride! 
Both velvet and gel handlebar tape options offers an element of style customization and function.

1 year warranty